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BABY A 5 Position Hand Free Adjustable Breastfeeding Sling Carrier

RM 59.90
  • Suitable use from 0 to 2+ years old (3.5kg – 13kg).
  • 5 different carrying positions.
  • Excellent to use for breastfeeding.
  • Let you carry the baby with hand free.
  • Allows you to carry in 5 different positions as shown in the photo,
  • You can carry your newborn in the same position they used in the womb.
  • This makes it easy for you to enjoy eye contact to bond with your new bundle of joy.
  • The gentle rocking as you walk, the extra soft and snug feeling of our sling, and the sounds of your heartbeat and voice helps your baby feel calm and safe.
  • Research shows that babies who are carried in a sling cry less, sleep more peacefully and nurse better.
  • The cushioned shoulder pad ensures your comfort as you wear your ever-growing baby.
  • Padded shoulder, safety strap and buckle with divider
  • Easy to use, reduces reflux and colic, reduces crying and fussing
  • Extended use from birth to 2+ years old
  • A large side release buckle is connected to two adjustment straps, to make adjusting your sling super easy.
  • A smaller safety buckle for your peace of mind.