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BABY A Nasal Suction and Infant Tooth Brush (with case) Value Pack

RM 34.90
  • Super fast delivery: ship in less than 48 hours on business day. 
  • Lightweight & portable. Safe & easy to handle
  • Nasal suction: Very effective to clear nasal congestion
  • Infant tooth brush: Mom can use this toothbrush to ease the itchiness on the gum when baby is about the develop milk tooth to make the baby more comfortable. 
  • Infant tooth brush: Keep baby's nasal clear so they can breathe properly & stay healthy
  • Infant tooth brush: Keep your child's teeth and gums clean nd healthy and help them develop a good set of teeth and gums!
  • Infant tooth brush: We use only the softest silicone material that leaves your child's mouth free from mechanical damage when you used them. 
  • Infant tooth brush: BPA free, you can be sure your child's safety is our top priority.
  • Nasal suction: Clear nasal congestion - Keep baby's nasal clear so they can breathe properly & stay healthy
  • Nasal suction: Germ Safe! - Designed specifically so mucous is collected, and not transferred to operator
  • Nasal suction:Clears mucous for your babies blocked nose
  • Nasal suction: Use manual suction to vacuum out newborn's snot & relieve your infant's congestion.