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Breast Feeding Cover / Nursing Poncho

RM 49.90 RM 79.90
  • Size: 95 x 75 cm
  •     Material: Cotton
  •     Weight including packaging: 135g
  •     Fit nicely into your handbag/diaper bag and do not tangle with other items in your bag
  •     Rigid neckline allows for ventilation and also for you to view baby while feeding
  •     Provides discretion for nursing in public
  •     Trendy buckle for easy adjustment at the neck area
  •     Please be aware if the sling is covering baby's mouth and nose
  •     Nurse your baby discreetly and in style with our elegant nursing poncho which flows gracefully with your    body.
  •     This poncho can also be used as a baby wrap, blanket or double up as a sun shade over your stroller.
  •     Elegant and beautiful to use as decorative scarf or to keep mother warm.
  •     One size fits all and available in assorted designs and colors.