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NEW! Premium Baby A Carrier with Ergonomic Design and Back Support-Bliss

RM 88.90


  • Suitable for infant from 3 months to 24 months
  • Carriers baby up to maximum weight of 15 kg
  • Multiple carry positions - front facing in, back and hip.
  • This is an exclusive product from Baby A. Beware of counterfeit products/seller!
  • Always buy Baby A GENUINE carrier i.e order sold and fulfilled by " Baby A ", the professional mom and baby products.
  • NEW! Double lock baby carrier for baby extra safety.
  • Designer's carrier with stylish and modern touch. 
  • Material: 100% cotton; washable and wipeable cotton
  • Superb choice for breast feeding mum

Product Description

  • Model: BAC-16R
  • 3 medically approved, ergonomic carrying modes: front face in, back carrying mode and hip carrying mode.
  • Aligns with the recommended carry position from the International Hip Dyspepsia Institute for infant from 3 months to 24 months.
  • Innovative width adjustable waistband for ergonomic positioning in every carrying mode
  • Breathable fabric to ensure good airflow and keep you and your baby cool and comfortable
  • Big storage pockets for the largest smart phone and other accessories.
  • Padded shoulder straps and weight distributing waistband
  • Convenient lightweight, compact, easy to transport 
  • The buckles feature a ‘Double Lock’ mechanism to ensure your child is kept safe and secure and that the carrier does not accidentally open.
  • Elastic loops to secure loose strap ends, keeping them tidy and safely out of the way
  • This carrier is machine washable
  • Maximum waistband circumference: 112 cm / 44 inches
  • Suitable for audit with max waistline of: 107 cm/ 42 inches (tolerance +/- 2.54 cm or 1 inch)
  • Abstract floral design and lively colorful fabric.
  • Stylish fabrics with the feel of spring and summer in line with the current trends.