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Portable Baby Travel High Chair Booster Strap Seat Chair Harness

RM 73.90 RM 129.90
  • Turns any standard chair into a cosy,clean and secured baby seat
  • Can fit in all design of chairs
  • No shoulder straps to pose a risk of strangulation to the baby
  • Completely self-contained in a compact travel pouch and handy for stowing in your handbag. 
  • Available in 4 contemporary design: i) Green Neon Circle ii) Purple Neon Circle iii) Blue Stripes iv) Apple
  • This travel highchair is your perfect out-and-about companion. 
  • Created to keep one wriggly baby, in one place.
  • This chair harness is manufactured from robust fabrics.
  • It converts dining chairs of all shapes and sizes into a safe haven for your baby, squashes into its own tiny travel pouch, is machine washable.
  • For children who can sit unaided, 6 months plus, but also great for those who need additional support.
  • It adapts to fit chairs of varying heights, includes al fresco fasteners for rounded, metal-framed chairs.
  • When packed in its pouch, it squashes/squeeze to about 18 cm tall x 12 cm wide x 4 cm deep
  • For more info on how to use this chair harness please view the video at: