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PWP: Baby A Early Learning Wooden Classification Box/Card, Shape Matching Toys, Intelligence Educational Toys

RM 39.90

Baby Kids Early Learning Wooden Classification Box Shape Matching Toys Intelligence Educational Toys

  • Material: high quality wood
  • Size: 28.8 x 10.5 x 7.5cm
  • Age Range: older than 3 years
  • Educational philosophy: Montessori.
  • Cognitive learning toys for children an ideal gift for children
  • Safe, environmental-friendly, no unpleasant smell
  • The shape matches toy is a good helper for parent-child game, it can exercise the child's hand-eye coordination, hands of collaboration and cooperate and hands dexterity.
  • It can also let the baby practice classification, sorting, recognize the color.
  • In the process of playing the game can let the baby know different shapes, color, etc.
  • Multi-functional: Teach baby to recognize animals, family members, fruits, vegetables, office supply, clothing, shape and transportation with corresponding Chinese/English characters at the back
  • It is helpful for strengthening hand-eye comprehensive coordination ability and enhancing observational capacity.
  • It is brand new, healthy and safe. it is suitable for children more than three years old.
  • Your children really deserve this set of toy and he/she is bound to love it.